Mono – Silicon


- 单晶棒截断及测试 LS TTC 212
- 高速金刚石线开方 LDQs series
- 精密柔性磨抛及倒角 PV 800
- 精密少子寿命测试仪 LL 156/300
- 粘棒
- 切片 LWS 800
- 硅片预清洗


mono_cropping-2table20 mono_bricking-2table20 grindertable20 mono_lifetime-scanner-2table20 mono_gluingtable20
单晶棒截断及测试 高速金刚石线开方 精密柔性磨抛及倒角 精密少子寿命测试仪 粘棒工作站
precleaningtable20 multi-wafering-table20
硅片预清洗 切片



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