Logomatic GmbH is a medium-sized company founded and managed by CEO Mr. Gerhard Koennemann who started 40 years ago with special grinding machines for the automobile and aircraft industry. More than 140 individual grinding machines have been produced in the factory in Mainaschaff Germany. We have invented the HEDG grinding system with Prof. Dr. G. Werner.

Since more than 30 years the company focuses on the PV, semiconductor, ceramic, sapphire and metal industry. With our own inventions and cutting-edge technologies such as diamond wire, TWIN-wheel spindle, process optimization, engineering for completely finished turn-key equipment and know-how transfer, the company develops its own highly-productive machines and equipment, so as to establish the competence and competitive ability in this future-oriented market.

With our reliable service performance, such as regrooving and new coating of wire guides for PV, semiconductor and sapphire industry multi wire saws in our factory or representations through our competent, long-time cooperated sales representatives in China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, USA and all European countries, the company Logomatic always reacts rapidly to customers' needs.


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