New approaches to more productive solar wafer production are needed.

In the following you will find an idea how to turn traditional wafer production into a more efficient production (10-20%) by:

- higher material yield of ingots
- use of diamond wire for squaring and bricking
- reduction of wafer breakage rate

If you click on the steps of the wafer line production in the image, you can also get more information about our machines.

 Turnkey solutions and single machines for multi Si wafer production

furnacetable20 bottomgrindertable20 squarertable20 grindertable20 multi_irtable20
Crystallization Top & bottom grinding Squaring Ductile polish grinding & chamfering Infrared inspection
precleaningtable20 multi-wafering-table20 gluingtable20 cropper-table20 multi_lifetimetable20
Precleaning Wafering Gluing Top & tail soft cropping Lifetime scanning

Turnkey solutions and single machines for mono Si wafer production

mono_cropping-2table20 mono_bricking-2table20 grindertable20 mono_lifetime-scanner-2table20 mono_gluingtable20
Top, tail, test and length cutting Squaring Ductile polish grinding & chamfering Lifetime scanning Gluing
precleaningtable20 multi-wafering-table20
Precleaning Wafering

WGR (wire guide rolls) groove grinder

WGR groove grinder

Filament production system

- Filament cutter with multi diamond wire technology (LDSS series)
- Top and bottom shaping machines for filaments
- Connection shaping machines to connect filament and bridge
- Diamond wire rod and filament bunch cropper
- Customized solutions for your special requests


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