Diamond wire saws are replacing traditional slurry wire saws, because cutting technology is:

- faster (straight cut)
- much faster (rocking)
- very much faster (spinning)
- needs only tenth of wire lengths and spool sizes
- works with city water only and has no disposal issues
- needs less energy & space (no slurry management and cooling)
- has higher productivity

In the last years prices for diamond wires have continued to decrease and lifetime has risen so that now in many fields diamond wire cutting technology is cheaper than slurry cutting technology.

Logomatic provides endless diamond wire and wire loops.


Application field

- Si-filament cutting
- Si-ingot squaring
- Si-brick cropping
- Sapphire
- Quartz
- GaAs
- Germanium
- SiC
- Glass
- Ceramic
- Hard and brittle materials

Comparison to slurry saw

Diamond wire Slurry
Coolant water glycol / oil
Cutting speed 2 - 3 times higher lower
Cutting surface good good
Operation costs lower higher
Consumption lower higher


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