LDQs series

Ingot Squaring

LDQs 690 / 840 / 1100

For multicrystalline silicon ingots with the sizes from 690 to 1100 mm² (height max. 500 mm)

- Water based coolant instead of slurry
- QUICK, SIMPLE loading and unloading
- Automatic cutting process

Advantages compared to conventional slurry wire saw:
- Higher cutting speed (fixed abrasive)
- Less spare and wear parts management
- Less investment expense
- Less energy consumption
- Less footprint
- Less operating personnel


Ingot dimension Bricks / day Tons / year
GEN 4: 690x690 mm² 64 ~ 380
GEN 5: 840x840 mm² 100 ~ 545
GEN 6: 1100x1100 mm² 144 ~ 800

Technical data

Wire diameter 350-450 µm
Wire speed 5-14.2 m/sec
In-feed 5-50 µm/sec
Ingot clamping gluing (vacuum table as option)
Coolant water
Water tank capacity 450 l, closed loop cycle
El. connection 400 V 50 Hz 36 kVA
Layout 4070x2060x2490 mm
Weight 5050/5250/5890 kgs




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