LWS 800 S/D


Multiple wire saw for slicing hard and brittle materials such as Silicon, Sapphire, Germanium, GaAs, InP, glass, ceramics and ferrites into wafers. This saw is availabel for slurry based and diamond wire technology.

The design of this machine utilizes advanced methods for improving stability parameters and long service life of parts subjected to higher stress (bearings, shafts, wire guides etc.).



- high performance at low operating cost
- high quality of wafer surface
- long and large (14" or 2x156 mm diameter bricks)
- fully programmable control
- oil, glycol or water based slurry
- automatic location of uncuttable body inside blocks (inclusions etc.)
- low use of consumables
- remote diagnostics
- closed cooling circuits
- loading and unloading device
- customized technology
- custom-defined table feed rate and slurry flow profiles


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