High precision surface and chamfer grinding machine to finish mono- and multi-crystalline and UMG silicon bricks for solar wafer

- Ductile polish-grinding method
- 50% Si wafer breakage reduction
- Prepared for in-line-system (robot-loading)
- Twin-spindle ® grinding concept for rough and fine / finish grinding of the surfaces
- Second grinding spindle for simultaneously chamfering the edges of the brick
- Grinding of the surfaces and the edges in the same clamping position (no rechucking / handling in between)
- Automatic handling (loading, unloading, turning) of the brick
- Automatic grinding progress with integrated measuring



Wafer Breakage Reduction

Ductile polish grinding for solar bricks helps to reduce wafer breakage significantly.

By our experience a small machine, which pays itself after some months, can easily contribute to save 2% of waste wafers of 10 million pcs/year. The extra profit is usually around 500.000 USD per year.

How can that be?

Ductile polish grinding, simply speaking, helps to create a frame-like area around the wafer, which makes the wafer stronger and more resistant against shocks, cracks, etc. during handling and processing.

Waferbruch Tabelle EN


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