Poly – Silicon

Filament cutter LDSS 1/2/4

Special developed for filament production

- High throughput with low costs
- Cutting with diamond multi wire technology
- Significant material waste reduction
- Coolant only with water
- Easy & quick rod clamping
- Automatic cutting process
- Filament size available 8x8-10x10 mm²

Technical data

Diameter rod 120-200 mm
Length rod up to 2400 mm
Wire diameter 350 µm
Wire speed 3-12 m/sec
In-feed 0-6 mm/min
Workpiece clamping gluing
Coolant water
Water tank capacity 1500 l
Water consumption 600 l/h closed loop cycle
El. connection 3x 400 V 50/60 Hz
Layout 5070x2500x3600 mm
Weight ~ 5000 kgs


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