Fully automatic vertical surface high
precision grinder with rotary table

- Fully enclosed grinding area (sliding door)
- Inprocess gauge optional
- Automatic fine infeed
- PLC-automation
- Rotary table (magnet or vacuum)

Rough and finish grinding of metals and
other materials at highest flatness accuracy
(> 1 micron).

Application optimum

The automatic fine downfeed enables the
economical use in large scale production
with high precision requirements.
Ultra-thin grinding of Si, SiC, Sapphire,
Quartz, Ge, GaAs and other ceramics (2 - 12 inch)

Example for 2 inch wafer:
final thickness for Si, 25 µm
final thickness for Sapphire, 60 µm

Technical data

Spindle motor 2.2 kW
Spindle speed 2,560 min-1
AC connection 3.2 kVA
Precision 3 µm
Twin wheel 200/175 mm
Rotary table 300 mm
Rotary table speed 0-30 min-1
Fine downfeed 1 µm
Range 12 mm
Coolant DI-water
Weight 780 kg
Space 1400 x 950 mm


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